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Gorenje's Christmas Dinner with Bine
21. 12. 2015

All Gorenje friends and online users can look forward to a very special Christmas gift this year – an exclusive online cooking rehearsal with Chef Bine Volčič. Anyone can apply and with the assistance of Bine that will guide them through the procedures and recipes live make a memorable Christmas dinner. And the menu is… all about Christmas. ;) What are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply!

Apply for dinner >

Take In 2016 with LifeClass
21. 12. 2015

In LifeClass, negative is positive. Of course we're talking about negative ions released by sea water  that have a beneficial effect on body and spirit. Did you know that their highest concentration is in the area of LifeClass hotels? Hence it's no surprise that negative ions are the main theme of their New Year communication that pursues the philosophy of healthy relax and wellbeing. May be the ions the only negative thing in 2016!

With Elan into Future
21. 12. 2015

Although the skiing season has only just begun, our photo studio already had a close encounter with the following winter – with trendy designs and the latest technological advancement in one of the most popular winter sports. The reason: photo shooting of the latest Elan collection for 2016/2017 including skis, skiboards and all additional equipment for active days in the snow.

QL December with Qlandia
21. 12. 2015

Have you already got carried away by the holiday spirit? To make the December a true QL, follow the tips in the new issue of QL magazine, find a big advent house in a shopping centre and participate in the QL advent prize competition, take a QL selfie in front of a selfie board, have fun with QLara and the good old men and contribute your Christmas greetings for the QL advent calendar. Still having doubts that this winter will definitely be QL? ;)

Visit QL Advent Qlandia >

Get a New Toyota and Free Vignette with Generali
21. 12. 2015

Who doesn't want a new car and a free vignette? It's not a scam but a new communication campaign designed and implemented for the Generali Insurance. The juncture of all information and events is a new web page with a prize competition and information on how to win a free vignette. The advertising and promotion material also included the design of giant posters, banners, posters and POS material for agencies.

Participate in the prize competition >

Slovenian Medical Association Online
21. 12. 2015

The website of the Slovenian Medical Association (SZD) in a responsive design includes the presentation of the Association and more than 70 sections as well as relevant events. Its particularity is online learning portal intended for professional registered users who can read professional articles and do the tests to gain credit points. The portal also has an integrated forum for the users to engage in discussions on different professional topics.

To SZD >

Eles Passes On Values Into 2016
21. 12. 2015

Eles, the Slovenian electricity transmission system operator, relates its story of activity and success through the company’s values. These were communicated from the company’s annual report and the internal promotion for the employees to the external publics and rounded up with a beautiful New Year story: Transmitting energy. Transmitting values. A communication that will be shared by printed and Ecards, planners and calendars.

Flash mob of Gorenje Handball Club
21. 12. 2015

Tito Square in Velenje. The night turns into day and reveals a handball court. Who is brave enough to pick up a ball that is mysteriously left in the middle of the court? This is how we surprised and delighted the passers-by in the city centre in late October and put everything on camera. In just a few days the video recorded more than 100,000 views and 2,000 likes on different social networks. If you haven't seen it yet, it’s high time you do it. :)

Watch the video >

Podkrižnik at SPS IPC Drives in Germany
21. 12. 2015

In late November, a successful Slovenian company Podkrižnik, engaged in the innovations and optimisation of gearboxes, participated at the international fair SPS IPC Drives in Nurnberg, Germany. A part of the presentation which took place on a modern exhibition site, included the company's product range complemented with a video.

How Does Gorenje Smoothie Maker Work?
23. 11. 2015

And what are the advantages of other Gorenje household appliances? The answer to this question is only a click away. The use and advantages of individual household appliance will be presented in short innovative videos on Gorenje website and on YouTube. The star of the first episode is the smoothie maker. The video was also stored in the QR code of the New Year's gift packaging. Warning: Your mouth may start watering while watching the video.

Watch the video >

SPAR's Culinary Challenge
23. 11. 2015

Do you like cooking and being creative in your kitchen? Then the new prize competition that we designed and realised for Spar is a perfect challenge for you.  Post a photograph of a dish that you made by Sparmesto application on the Facebook profile and keep your fingers crossed. If your photo ends up in the twenty most liked, you will get a great prize – a cooking course in Gostilna Rajh or Cubo restaurant. Among other participants a draw will pick winners of the Rosmarino premium products. Will you take a challenge?

Cook and participate >

Digital: Chef Bine and Gorenje
23. 11. 2015

We designed and implemented the digital part of the autumn communication campaign. We applied behavioural marketing in a series of banners, surround sessions and other tools of online advertising. The tactics of remarketing were used for all who upon their purchase responded to the gift message. We also refreshed the landing page: in addition to the product video presentations, the visitors can also see behind-the-scene shots with Chef Bine.

Cook with Bine >

Vetoquinol at Austrian Trade Fairs
23. 11. 2015

The concept and graphic design of two exhibition sites contributed to a successful presentation of the French manufacturer Vetoquinol, one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, on the international veterinary fairs in Salzburg and Tulle. The first story presented the new corporate identity of the company, whilst for the second we provided graphic design for the presentation of the selected product brands. In addition, we also provided graphic design for printed matters and other promotion materials.

10 Years of the Faculty of Logistics
23. 11. 2015

What is logistics? A prospect. The former and current students of the Faculty of Logistics in Celje which has for 10 years provided logistic engineers are fully aware of this. For the anniversary celebration, we designed the commemorative postmark, invitation to the event, postcard and a stamp that will become a part of the Slovenian philatelic collection on the subject of logistics.

A Different Sparkasse Video
23. 11. 2015

In the spirit of the Sparkasse's motto "A different bank", the corporate video is also a bit "different". We follow the presentation of the bank, its services and personnel through the first-person view which is in contact with people transferred to another person. The video features modern and trendy infographics that provide facts on the bank and its operation in a fast, simple and comprehensive way.

Get to know Sparkasse >

Eles Promotes Values among the Employees
23. 11. 2015

With the annual report, the Slovenian electricity transmission system operator set the direction of this year's communication which is based on the company's values. The story was disseminated among the personnel through the image brochure of values with infographics on the subject of Eles employees, photographs of athletes as the symbolic carriers of values and the directions for operation in compliance with the values. What values do you follow at your workplace?

New Year's Programme of Frutarom
23. 11. 2015

With this years' New Year programme, one of the leading world manufacturers of flavours and fragrances travels around the world. A distinctive visual design with black and white photographs and a striking colour detail tells the story of globalisation through different cultures and cultural heritage.

Litostroj at Hydro 2015
23. 11. 2015

The presentation of the Litostroj Power Group to the professional public at the international conference and exhibition Hydro 2015 in Bordeaux, France, took place on a modern exhibition site. In addition to the corporate identity, a part of communication was also dedicated to the Group's integrated solutions and their latest turbines. The exhibition promotion materials also included a video presentation and – last but not least – a reception.

New Look of Nieros
23. 11. 2015

In October, we redesigned the logo and designed the core elements of the visual identity for the professional manufacturer of advanced technological equipment from stainless steel. The biggest challenge? The respect for the company's tradition which goes back to 1773. In the new corporate advertisement for Hiše magazine we underlined the collaboration with architects which is a new step into the future for the company.

Telemach on Social Networks
16. 9. 2015

The AV family was joined by a new client – telecommunication service provider and a passionate basketball fan Telemach. Our collaboration is focused in the field of social networks (and cheering of the basketball anthem). The creation of social media strategy includes  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms where we manage Telemach's pages and produce web content and photo posts.  Are we any good at cheering? The only way to find it out is to follow AV and Telemach on social networks… ;)

Unforgettable 15 Years of Europark
16. 9. 2015

The jubilee of Europark Shopping Center was celebrated with the anniversary logotype and the slogan as well as the jubilee graphic design of all communication materials including printed, radio and TV commercials, giant posters and other outdoor advertising media, the invitations for VIP fashion show, etc. The communication was planned to intensify the expectation of the big celebration and further to the event organisation we also took care of the complete jubilee promotion. Watch the impressions.

Birthday gallery >>

Gorenje & Starck: Gorenje Starck
16. 9. 2015

The successful story of collaboration between Gorenje and the famous industrial designer Phillipe Starck was captured in the lens at the AV photo studio where a new design line of kitchen appliances literally sparkled. The advantages of the appliances' modern design illustrated in pictures is a support to the communication and promotion of the new line which also has a dedicated website in the responsive design. The communication campaign was produced in cooperation with Grey agency.

Visit website >>

A Lot of Good with Europark
16. 9. 2015

This year, Europark presented its fifteen years of activity in various humanitarian areas in a cover story  on a dedicated website introducing all ongoing and past charities, humanitarian projects and sponsorships. The Europark visitors have also been invited to participate: by purchasing a jubilee reusable bag they contribute to the humanitarian fund for the Division of Paediatrics at the University Medical centre Maribor. Have you already got a bag?

Do Something Good >>

Gorenje Infinity
16. 9. 2015

A new collection of kitchen appliances Gorenje Infinity has been launched globally. It combines the cutting-edge technology with the elegant forms of the past. Since the moving pictures are a lot more expressive than static, we designed and created 3D ambients and use them in the production of a short video emphasizing the distinguished design of new kitchen appliances, brilliant glass surfaces and a touch of nostalgia.

Watch the video >>

More Than Basic for Vzajemna
16. 9. 2015

You agree that basic sometimes is not enough? So does Vzajemna Mutual Health Insurance Company hence they prepared a package of complementary health insurance for college and university students. It is promoted on a new site with a 'youthful' graphic design that not only delivers serious but also funny content. Always entertaining Klemen Bunderla is fully in charge for laughter whilst creativity is the territory of the youngsters invited to make a kinky badge  and have a chance to win cool Lenovo products.

No status, no panic>>

Gorenje in Retro Style
16. 9. 2015

All retro style lovers will be delighted with the new Gorenje Retro collection of refrigerators whilst we proudly present its new landing page in the responsive design that allows an excellent user experience on all mobile devices. Its special feature is a configurator which makes it a lot easier on the user to find a refrigerator that perfectly suits them. If you want to discover your retro style, check the entertaining interactive application. The basic visual concept of the campaign was designed by Frajni Agency from Belgrade.

Gorenje Retro Collection >>

Portorož & Piran on Instagram
24. 8. 2015

The main platform of Tourist Board Portorož for the promotion of the destination on the Italian and other markets is Instagram. The users who post photographs from Portorož, Piran and their surrounding and hashtag it #bestpinchaward or #premiomigliorpizzico participate in the prize contest to win an exclusive experience. The campaign’s landing page in English and Italian further to showing the participating photos from Instagram also allows voting and sharing of photographs on other social networks. Are you already a part of it?

Participate >>

Summer's Vzajemna campaign at Petrol's service stations
24. 8. 2015

This summer, Petrol's service stations were the venue of a promotion campaign for the health insurance with medical assistance abroad by the Vzajemna Insurance Company. Boys and girls in branded outfits cleaned for free the windscreens of the visitors' cars and gave them a box full of useful advice, entertaining contents as well as an invitation to participate in a prize contest. Those interested could with the Vzajemna agent immediately take out said insurance at a lower cost.

Eles annual report
24. 8. 2015

The story behind the annual report of the Slovenian electricity transmission system operator is based on the values of the company's mission which is a safe, quality and reliable transmission of the electrical energy. These values are represented by top Slovenian athletes sponsored by Eles. A modern graphic design follows the latest trends – large photographs focused on the athletes practising their sport and communicating the individual value.

Building the story of Velenje Lakes
24. 8. 2015

Have you ever visited Velenje Lakes? They have huge potential as an event venue or a place to take a rest and relax hence the Velenje Municipality prepared a long-term development project. For the project's promotion AV studio has designed the logo of Velenje Lakes and produced a modern website in responsive design that allows visitors as well as potential investors to find information on lakes, planned projects, development guidelines and events, as well as give their proposals and ideas.

Visit the website >>

Savinja Region at Expo Milano 2015
24. 8. 2015

At Expo Milano 2015, the Savinja Region Development Agency presented the Savinja region in a brochure focused on Slovenian spa resorts and wellness centres. The promotion brochure in English and Italian includes discount coupons the Expo visitors can use during their visit of spa resorts to experience Slovenia also through water, massage and other relaxing treats.

GEC Elektro Celje
24. 8. 2015

We designed the July issue of GEC, the journal of electrical energy distributor Electro Celje. The journal provides an overview of the company's operations and performance as well as the events relevant for the company in the spring and early summer.

Pampers Slovenia most viewed YouTube channel
24. 8. 2015

Based on the latest research, Pampers Slovenia YouTube channel (according to the number of visitors) is most viewed channel of all brands on the Slovenian market. The reason behind this is Gosenica Tinka (Tinka the Caterpillar) that we produced for P&G in five European languages back in 2008. The animated series for children was conceived as a long-term project hence we still record the users' involvement, visits and excellent results. Watch the adventures of the curious caterpillar and find out why she is forever interesting!

Watch YouTube channel >>

Experience Union Brewery
24. 7. 2015

Union Brewery offers its visitors special experience packages – Union Experience2, Union Experience3 and Union Customised Experience which take you into the world of modern beer production, the history of brewing industry and bitter delights. Indeed, you can take a tour of the production, visit the museum and the pub. AV studio designed the promotion concept of first such experience in Slovenia as well as produced the brochure and the contemporary website in the responsive design.

Experience Union >>

Gorenje vacuum cleaners follow your rhythm
24. 7. 2015

The new catalogue of Gorenje vacuum cleaners that we produced for sales points in Slovenia and abroad follows the rhythm of your expectations. Other than creative design, AV studio also organised a 'photo session' to capture the vacuum cleaners and their advantages, and joined all together with ambient renderings which tell part of the individual appliance's story. Which is your favourite?

The story of Portorož and Piran
24. 7. 2015

AV studio designed for Portorož Tourist Board the new catalogue with the photos taken by Matevž Kostanjšek.The photos telling the stories about the destination, spiced up with a pinch of tradition, fantasy and the Mediterranean humour, invite you to surrender to your imagination. The catalogue's concept is based on storytelling and the communication strategy of Portorož and Piran as well as other Slovenian littoral towns.

More >>

Get to know Solčava and its surroundings!
24. 7. 2015

The new website is conceived as a story told by a shepherd-boy who is looking for his sheep at individual points of the Solčava scenic route. The site has interactive schematic map where a click on a location provides basic information thereof while an additional button redirects the user to a subpage with a more detailed description and extra contents. The presentation is focused on the photographs – take a glimpse in the world of stories and pristine nature!

Take a glimpse in the world of stories >>

Iles Idrija through the lens
24. 7. 2015

A child's room can grow up with a child which we proved at the photo shoot of the new Stars line from the popular "Little Prince" bedroom programme for children and teenagers. In the photo studio, a baby's room was as if by magic transformed into a beautiful toddler's room and with minimal adjustments changed into a schoolboy room. Promotional photos of the programme – both ambient and product shots – feature the advantages and selected details of the furniture.

Cool holidays in Bernardin
24. 7. 2015

Who will take you to the sea this year? Your children, of course! When they were still impatient for their holidays to come, AV studio worked on the Bernardin Group summer campaign focused on the destination's pros for family holidays. The communication is supported by a photo shoot with children on the location and the competition prize with the participation of over 1,000 users in two weeks. The campaign promotion includes advanced display ads, google search and display ads, advertising on Radio 1 and Facebook communication.

More >>

A new visual identity of Povše Metal
24. 7. 2015

The company Povše Metal, which has been on the market for more than 25 years, has a new graphic design of communication materials as well as new visual communication guidelines. The corporate brochure and the presentation film focused on modern technology, know-how and years of experience in the production of elements from metal materials that we produced which serve the B2B promotion of the company.

Visual identity of SEMPL
24. 7. 2015

Do you still remember last year's 'Reborn' SEMPL which was voted the best 2014 campaign by the readers of the Marketing Magazine? We are the one to blame for this year's SEMPL 'look' as well. The visual identity and the slogan "Awake. Aware. Award. Awesome." sum up the key premises of 2015 media trends conference, and through the play of light and dark point out the importance of being awake and being aware.

Go to Sempl >>

P&G and Hofer have "a big heart"
24. 7. 2015

"How big is your heart?" is the slogan of the charity campaign by P&G in collaboration with Hofer to help solve the problems that mother's homes safe houses have to deal with and to make a difference in everyday life of people who found a shelter there. The final goal of the campaign is to collect 20,000 euros by purchasing P&G products. P&G and Hofer will distribute the money collected among all 20 mother's homes and safe houses across Slovenia.

Gorenje microwave ovens have a new story
24. 7. 2015

Gorenje microwave ovens are launched on the market with a new communication story and a fresh graphic design. Efficiency, the spirit of innovation and versatility of selected microwave ovens are presented through the attractive communication with useful tips and complemented with the ambient renderings and product photos of the appliances. Are you curios about what Gorenje microwave oven is capable of? A lot more than you can possibly imagine.

"Pass the message" for Sparkasse Bank
24. 7. 2015

Do you remember pass the message game from your childhood? It inspired the viral sales campaign of the Sparkasse bank. The series of humorous videos are to make you laugh and stimulate the target group to "pass their friends’ message" and open their "Comfort Account". For the communication check the website, YouTube and the bank's Facebook page where you can also participate in the prize competition.

You too pass the message >>

"Tujina" also on ice!
24. 7. 2015

Did you support our national team at the ice hockey world championship in the Czech Republic? We sure did as well as kept in mind the "Tujina" health insurance with medical assistance abroad by the Vzajemna Insurance Company. As a matter of fact, we designed a mini communication campaign around a TV spot featuring the "lead" arriving on all fours.

Watch the video >>

SOS Diagnostician for
24. 7. 2015

The hobby gardeners, who on the portal grow over 10,000 gardens, can now take advantage of the assistant called "SOS Diagnostician". This free application for a simple, few steps identification of pest, plant diseases and weed both indoors and outdoors helps the users to identify the origin of their problem and offers efficient solutions.

Solve your problems with SOS Diagnostician >> 

7. Europark's cycling marathon
24. 7. 2015

For the largest shopping centre in Maribor we conceived and implemented the promotion of a traditional event – the Europark's cycling marathon, sevenths in a row, aimed to explore the cycling routes in the city and its surroundings. The concept of communication which included giant posters, print and radio ads as well as registration forms, was adapted to all Europark's internal means of communication.

Velenjka shopping centre all in white
24. 7. 2015

In May, Velenje-based shopping centre dressed in white. We fully took care of the event promotion comprised of the prize competition, the communication materials and the support on the social networks. In the context of the "All In White" experience, Velenjka invited visitors to see in person its impressive decoration and the main event – the artistic performance which was a huge success.

Watch the event >>

Are you interested in MBA study at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana?
24. 7. 2015

Perfect because we conceived and produced for the MBA programme of business education presentation folder focused on the key advantages and characteristics as well as positive experience of the current students. Design – contemporary, objective – the future.

See the folder >>

LifeClass reveals the energy of Prehistoric Sea
24. 3. 2015

In the new LifeClass Portorož video we wonder where Brane gets all that exuberant energy. At various locations and in excellent company we follow his transformation to ultimately discover what's his secret – the primeval energy captured in the pools with 42,000 years old thermal Prehistoric Sea. Watch the video directed by Ven Jemeršič, dive into the healing Prehistoric Sea and experience a transformation that everyone will envy!

Watch video >>

Eles in the new corporate waters
24. 3. 2015

For Eles, the national transmission system operator, we produced a new corporate ad featuring the best Slovenian whitewater canoer Beni Savšek in the lead role. The photograph captures the moment of balance which is the company's main priority, i.e. to constantly maintain balance between the energy produced and consumed. The new story also communicates the company's social responsibility – Eles is a sponsor of a number of Slovenian sportsmen and sportswomen. 

Promotional campaign for new Ariel
24. 3. 2015

The arrival of a new liquid laundry detergent to the Slovenian market is accompanied by an extensive campaign with a prize competition that the customers can participate in by either buying a product or answering a prize question. Besides participation in the prize competition, the campaign's website in the adaptive design also includes an application that allows the users to design their perfect T-shirt. What about you – are you perfect yet?

Exhibition upon the 120th anniversary of Planinski Vestnik
24. 3. 2015

Planinski Vestnik, the journal published by the Alpine Association of Slovenia, has been around for well 120 years. Upon this respectable anniversary, we produced a modern and attractive graphic design of the posters for the jubilee exhibition which illustrates the most important historical milestones – the journal's development, the authors and contributors, its image through decades…

Velenjka 'refreshed'
24. 3. 2015

The shopping centre Velenjka welcomes the visitors with a 'refreshed' story and a modern graphic design of its communication materials. We designed giant and regular posters, printed and online ads, redesigned the newsletter, Facebook communication, Velenjka magazine and the presentation brochure for potential business partners, as well as produced a new, attractive website in the adaptive design that will soon delight Velenjka's online visitors.

Frutarom has a new member – Frulino
24. 3. 2015

For Frutarom Switzerland, the member of Frutarom Group, a world renowned manufacturer of aromas, flavours and nutritional supplements, we designed and produced the visual identity for their new brand Frulino. In addition to a logotype and basic corporate materials, we also developed the design of the printed communications materials of the Group. We are currently producing a modern website in the adaptive design.

Kranjska Gora with a new online "look"
24. 2. 2015

The ski resort Kranjska Gora has a new website in six languages. The online event filter, interactive maps, dynamic view of topical issues, graphic review of device operation and the product catalogue provide a lot of information at one spot thereby ensuring a complete user experience. The website in the responsive design can be accessed anytime and anyplace.

Website >>

Presentation film of Plaza Hotel Ljubljana
16. 2. 2015

Experience something new. This is a story that in a short, attractive film presents the newest and most modern hotel in Ljubljana. With the emphasis on the comfort, hospitality, pampering and excellent meetings & events possibilities, Plaza Hotel Ljubljana looked glamorous in the sun, under the light and even in the gold leaves of the sparkling wine… Take a look… 

Watch video >>

Integrated communication for LifeClass Hotels & Spa
16. 2. 2015

The communications includes the swimming pools with unique, 42,000 years old Prehistoric Sea, the source of primeval energy. This energy with its many health, beauty and relaxing effects is symbolised by a stylized mammoth which was implemented in different digital and standard communication solutions.

Logistics rules!
16. 2. 2015

Website of the renown human resource outsourcing company has undergone a complete graphic, content and technical renovation. Upon their visit, both employers and employees can expect a modern user experience guaranteed by different databases collection with ERP programmes, a responsive design within the SiteKit content management system and easy e-notice sending by CRM module.

Watch video >>

New Vetoquinol communication design
16. 2. 2015

The concept and implementation of a new communication material graphic design for the French manufacturer Vetoquinol, the ninth largest pharmaceutical company in the world, was focused on the professional and general public in the German market. A fresh image and a modern design on print ads for selected products as well as a brochure for an ECG case to be used by veterinarians in the field.

Velenje redesigned invites tourist
16. 2. 2015

A redesigned website of the youngest Slovenian city is characterised by a simple and clear structure, enhanced visual elements and attractive content. All necessary general information and information on cultural and natural heritage are available to both local and foreign tourists whilst the website's responsive design allows users access of the same quality also via a mobile phone and a tablet!

Website >>

Our “Reborn” is the best advertising campaign of 2014
15. 1. 2015

Marketing Magazine’s readers have chosen our advertising campaign ”Reborn”, designed for our client Media Pool and the biggest conference on media trends in the region, Sempl, as the best advertising campaign in 2014. The creative design and realization of the overall campaign image were supported by an online presentation in a responsive design, which was built within the content management system SiteKit and connected using a CRM module.

Congratulations to both our own and our client´s team for proactive and excellent cooperation and thank you to the readers of MM for their support.

Union Pub website
8. 12. 2014

On 18th November 2014, Union Brewery opened the Union Brewery Pub in the old malt-house in Ljubljana. It is a place dedicated to ultimate beer lovers and gourmets to enjoy most various  beers and other beverages as well as culinary delights. We produced the Union Pub website in the responsive design which "serves" the user at a single spot useful information on drinks, food and current events.

Website >>

Find Your Smile
8. 12. 2014

We redesigned Unitur Hotels & Resorts websites (Rogla, Terme Zreče and Krvavec destinations) in the adaptive design. The project based on our website development and content management system SiteKit with integrated modules for advanced web communication and business was, thanks to the excellent team, implemented in a record two-month time.

Website >>

New Plastika Skaza website
7. 12. 2014

Plastika Skaza, this year's Gazela award-winner, has a new website. Its modern design and the advanced content view guarantee an easy and user-friendly experience. The website produced in the adaptive design gives emphasis to the company's know-how, experience and innovations.

Website >>

Vrhnika online
7. 12. 2014

One of the "greenest" municipalities in Slovenia is presented online with simply structured, visually accentuated and content-wise perfected website in the adaptive design. A special content navigation which prevents duplication of menu items provides a friendlier and easier user experience. Visit and explore Vrhnika – also via mobile phone and tablet!

Website >>

On the scene: new Elan collection
6. 12. 2014

The new supreme Elan's winter 2015/2016 ski and snowboard collection brought a genuine winter atmosphere into the photo studio. We provided image and technical photos as well as detail close shots of skis and snowboards, ski and snowboard boots, bindings, helmets and poles.

Promotion of pre-season sale of ski passes at Rogla
17. 11. 2014

The challenge we set was to promote and increase the pre-season sale of ski passes for Rogla ski resort in 2014/15 season. The communication campaign included creative design, billboards and online advertising.

Website >>

Bernardin Group MICE: Enjoy business. Feel pleasure.
7. 11. 2014

We produced for the Bernardin Group MICE congress centre a new promotional video composed of six stories of a day experienced by a participant of a congress or similar event. Every story is a combination of business and free time/accompanying activity which makes the experience unique – Perfect Experience/Perfect Combination.

Watch the movie >>

Klemzy Juices It Everywhere
5. 11. 2014

In October, the Vzajemna  Insurance's communication campaign intended for young people was in full swing. We "juiced" it in Kolosej at the premiere of the film "Dracula", at Študentska Arena and with mobile promotions in larger cities. Klemzy addressed the young via billboards, the citylight, on city buses and three-part poster panels where the visitors could learn dance moves or ring a bell and have an orange. We go on "juicing", the action isn't over yet …

Website >>

Corporate communication design for Flachsmann
4. 11. 2014

For Flachsmann, a new company in the production of aromas, flavours and extracts which operates in the markets of Middle East, we designed a corporate communication design including the website, presentation film, packaging for samples, leaflets, posters, etc. Further to this, we also conceived and graphically designed the exhibition space for the Gulf Food fair that will take place in Dubai in November.

"New Look" of Gorenje water heaters
3. 11. 2014

The new generation of Gorenje water heaters has been given a new story and a "new look". We designed a fresh and innovative photographic approach and provided for image and the product shooting. In the context of the new communication campaign, we gave names to the individual lines of water heaters, storage tanks and a heat pump for sanitary water as well as produced the product folder for the strategic conference and points of sale.

Cuisine makes everything beautiful…
3. 11. 2014

Simple and yet elegantly designed line of kitchen accessories Contessa of the Cuisine brand produced by the company Plastika Skaza  has perfect packaging. In its design we were inspired by the story, distinguished product design and the trends of contemporary, elegant and quality packaging. Within the new visual identity we also designed and produced image and the product shooting.

Litostroj Power at Hydro 2014
2. 11. 2014

We designed and realised the exhibition space for the group Litostroj Power, one of the most important companies in the field of hydropower, at the international conference and exhibition Hydro 2014 which took place from 13th to 15th October in Italy. The promotion also included the key exhibition materials – the presentation catalogue and brochure.

Scotty and Molly Looking for a New Home!
7. 10. 2014

Our virtual pets are coming back! The concept is the same: a user adopts a virtual pet and takes care of them. The application has two new functionalities whilst the responsive design of the website allows users the access by their mobile devices. Taking care for the adopted pets will also help live animals: Spar will help animals in the selected Slovenian shelters with 10,000 meals per day.

Adopt and help >>

Juice it with Klemzy and Vzajemna
6. 10. 2014

Klemzy is the main character of the communication campaign for young people who due to their loss of a student status need additional complementary health insurance. The team of Klemen Slakonja 'illustrated' it in a funny song and a funky video whilst we provided an attractive story and graphic design communicated via different channels  - outdoor advertising, printed ads, leaflets, promotional gifts… Visit a wacky paralles website!

Website >>

Gorenje & Karim Rashid
5. 10. 2014

Together with us, Gorenje will once again travel the world, this time in an elegant contemporary identity designed for the new Gorenje household appliances designer line by world famous Karim Rashid. The sublime beauty has been captured in trendy photographs that represent modern life style and living environment. We also produced all necessary communication materials for the promotion on foreign markets: product catalogue, printed ads, giant and 'classic' posters, POS materials, etc.

Velenje Redesigned
4. 10. 2014

Upon 55th anniversary of Velenje, the website of Velenje Municipality (MOV) (link) has a brand new 'look'.

It allows a visitor to quickly find a number of useful information, learn the latest news on events in the city and its surroundings as well as have a live picture of the city through a web cam or watch the meetings of the MOV's Council.

The website in a responsive design is based on the SiteKit system with the integrated catalogue that facilitates entry and transparency of information of public interest.

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Qlandia's Autumn Campaign
29. 9. 2014

The autumn activities in Qlandia shopping centres revolved around two current events – the beginning of a school year and sport in relation to the Basketball World Cup 2014. The creative design evolved in a communication campaign presented in Qlandia magazine, printed and radio ads, giant posters as well as the prize competition and the events organised in Qlandia centres. In addition we organised a charity campaign in which Qlandia donated the youth centres 50 original Basketball World Cup 2014 balls.

Photo Shooting for Ljubjanske Mlekarne
28. 9. 2014

The right lighting, sharpness and perspective is what makes a perfect photography. Our skilled photographers again produced brilliant product photography – this time for Ljubljanske Mlekarne. Have a look what their products look like through the eyes of the professionals.

What Is Your Dream Home Like?
25. 9. 2014

Xella International SI, a part of the second largest construction group in the world, delivered the selected printed media the promotional insert on Ytong and Multipor brands. A non-technical and expert presentation informed readers on the advantages of building with Ytong construction material and Multipor thermal insulation as well as a number of advantages of energy efficient Ytong house.

TE Šoštanj Annual Report
24. 9. 2014

"One covering up to one third of energy needs in Slovenia is a giant." This is the story that we invented, worded and graphically designed in the annual report of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant. We are fully aware that it takes energy giants to generate surpluses and allow for the way of life we live.

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AV studio Won 6 Websi Awards
15. 9. 2014

At this year's "championship" in the field of Slovenian digital communication we won as many as six awards, including second place in the category of Best Digital Agency of the Year. With four other projects that employ web as a marketing platform we were placed as the top three agencies:

A sincere thank you to all our clients for their trust, support and collaboration and a "Well done" to the entire AV team. To new AWSOME projects!

Upside down with Always and Tampax
20. 8. 2014

The campaign with the slogan »Na glavo« (meaning»upside down«) and the face of the campaign, the Slovenian model and TV hostTjaša Kokalj is breaking myths about menstruation. The integrated communicationsupport includes a concept design, a sweepstake, POS materials and a website ina responsive design, where Tjaša presents unique styling options for those daysof a month, writes posts on her blog and answers the questions about stylingissues.

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LifeClass with new advertising materials
18. 8. 2014

From now on the (future) visitors of the Portorož hotel chain will be able to find information on accommodation and offer in the new hotel and promotional advertising materials. Due to the wide choice it is no surprise that the brochure with arrangements for the year 2014/15 is the most extensive one. The renovation of the printed advertising materials was followed by a new concept for the upcoming image photos and ads.

Happy 14th birthday, Europark
14. 8. 2014

The shopping centre Europark recently celebrated its 14th birthday. Our company provided the integrated communication support of the event. For the promotion of the celebration we designed billboards and printed ads, radio advertising, online promotion, invitations and advertising on the spot. Happy birthday Europark! We are looking forward to your 15th birthday already. :)

Photo shooting for Plastika Skaza
12. 8. 2014

The AV photo studio has been flooded with bright colours of plastic cookware from the established Slovenian brand Cuisine. The photo approach combined image photos of various options of product use — at summer parties and children's celebrations, for tempting cocktails and autumn abundance. A special line Contessa also shone in its glitter under the studio lights.

Presentation brochure for Frutarom
11. 8. 2014

A worldwide renowned manufacturer of flavours, tastes and dietary supplements presents itself on the market with a new brochure in five different languages. The minimalistic design is being enriched by black and white photography on healthy living with creatively implicating the colour detail, resulting from the company's product selection. 

TZP’s digital advertising campaign in Italy
1. 8. 2014

Through a digital advertising campaign on the social networks communicating the advantages of Portorož and Piran destinations and selected holiday packages, Portorož Tourist Association (TZP) is addressing the Italian market. The platform designed on Facebook Landing Pages is supported in the browsers and on social networks. In July, the web portal had more than 200,000 visits which is an absolute record.

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Most fabulous experience in Bernardin hotels
31. 7. 2014

The promise of memorable moments experienced by the guests of Bernardin hotels has now been available on a “tape”. In five video spots, stories experienced by different people are combined with the hotels’ range of services and their employees. The video spots are aimed at the visual presentation of Bernardin’s services which can also be adapted to the individuals requirements on Bernardin Group’s website and on YouTube.

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Abroad with Vzajemna Insurance
28. 7. 2014

Already had your summer holidays? Then you know that anything can happen abroad! Leave your worries behind with Tujina insurance – a trademark we provided a new logo and graphic design. In addition, AV studio both designed and implemented a summer communication campaign as well as a competition prize - the lucky winner will be able to visit the Basketball World Cup on the Canary Islands. Interested?

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Projektivni Biro Velenje – a new website
20. 7. 2014

The new website in responsive design follows the latest trends. A minimalist design with a lot of visual material of reference projects and clear content allow easy and user-friendly experience. In addition to the website, AV studio also took care of taking pictures of the buildings – for an outstanding presentation of the executed projects.

Website >>

Ekotrade under camera lights
17. 7. 2014

This time, we investigated the secrets of comfort guaranteed by Ekotrade, the manufacturer of premium sofas. For a new model of a modern high-quality sofa Eros, AV studio designed, developed and executed the concept as well as provided for photo-shooting and photo re-touching. And result? Tempting - to say the least!

Slovenia’s 90th anniversary of the electricity transmission network
15. 7. 2014

Today a part of a modern national electrical energy system, the electricity transmission network has been constantly evolving for 90 years. Eles, the national electricity transmission system operator, celebrated this jubilee with an exhibition at the company’s headquarters in Ljubljana. To make this experience more interesting, AV studio designed interactive contents for selected spots (restrooms, elevators, etc.) to present relevant historical facts in a more interesting and attractive way.

Luna Iles - sweet dreams under the stars
10. 7. 2014

For Iles, AV studio designed a new catalogue of Luna bedroom furniture. An elegant graphic design comprises elements of the Moon’s surface and a starry sky integrated in a story of a peaceful and comfortable living and a good night’s rest. Dreaming has never been so comfortable!

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Vzajemna provides insurance for little and big heroes
16. 6. 2014

Sometimes great gowrong hence it is better to provide for security with accident insurance forchildren and youth. This is the motto of the communication campaign followed bya new visual design characterised by a playful story and themes. The conceptwas realised in a series of photographs, the communication and promotionalmaterials, the website and the redesign of promotional space dedicated to youngpopulation.

Website >>

15. 6. 2014

This summer we also ‘refreshed’ the visual identity of the line of exclusive household appliances by Gorenje which combines pure, elegant lines of the appliances and advanced technology. In order to meet the communication requirements of the innovative line, AV studio produced advertising materials and printed matters, interior design of the stores, create the website and provided for excellent photography.

Website >>

Modern, functional, new and responsive Gorenje
13. 6. 2014

One of the leading European household utensil manufacturers in Europe is these days presenting its completely new online image. The website features a modern and clan design, which coincides with the concept and visual design of the products of Gorenje.  It enables the presentation of the offer without the superfluous materials. 

The website is designed in a responsive web design for a smooth browsing on smartphones as well as on larger desktop displays. The website enables all functions regardless the device of access and is altogether adapted for touch screens.

Website >>

A new look of Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška
12. 6. 2014

Six language versions, responsive design and a new look! These are the main features of the new website giving the presentation of the best hotel in Rogaška health resort. The website is connected with a CRM module, the online booking system and the Analytics servers. A trendy design and advanced content presentation allow for a simple and user-friendly experience.

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Sempl revival
10. 6. 2014

Our company designed and created an online presentation of the largest media trends conference in the region named Sempl. Visitors of the website can get acquainted with the team of lecturers, book a conference package, search for information on the event or read about the last year’s winners of the individual categories.

The website is integrated in the system for content management SiteKit and connected with a CRM module.

Website >>

Want to know more about the filling at Union Brewery?
3. 6. 2014

A piece of cake! Just watch the presentation films from the production and see for yourself the filling of beer in the bottles, cans and barrels, and the non-alcoholic drink Sola in the plastic bottles. The project includes the concept, script, organisation, filming, production, graphic design, post-production and editing of short films – both in Slovene and English.

Styllski absinthe. Hedonism at its best. Original aroma.
28. 5. 2014

Never mind the curious stories you might have heard about absinthe. The truth is all about pure pleasure.  This truth guided us in the design of packaging for 100% natural distilled beverage with a distinguished aroma of selected herbs and a refreshing twist. A perfect experience comes with a booklet which introduces the beverage, its production and the culture of drinking. A slight hint: the magic is in a mist and crystal…

LifeClass Portorož websites in a new and responsive design
21. 5. 2014

The new websites present the brand LifeClassHotels & Spa and the product of the Mediterranean wellness resort Portorož with the most comprehensive thermal, medical and wellness offer in Europe. The websites are designed in a responsive web design, including an online catalogue of accommodation and services, CRM module, booking system and analytics server. The goal of the new design is also to enhance the number of visitors and conversion of the website for a unique and quality offer of healthy leisure and for pleasant user experience.

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Buy, cheer, and win!
22. 4. 2014

Three leading brands for men – Gillette, Head& Shoulders and Old Spice are giving away prizes. We created a sweepstake for the company P&G, where the customer has the chance to win an attractive prize − Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 Lite Wi-Fi. The sweepstake ends on 10. 6. 2014.

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The updated website of the National Gallery
4. 4. 2014

The new website displays all information about events, exhibitions and projects of the National Gallery. The users can view 2 permanent collections of art works, subscribe to a newsletter, contact persons in charge of certain areas via web forms and review all necessary information before they visit the gallery.

The website is designed in a responsive web design and therefore enables user-friendly display on PC's, tablets and smartphones. It is connected to the online catalogue and CRM module for communication with users.

Website >>

Ariel sweepstake with a charitable note
3. 4. 2014

The new Ariel sweepstake ensures five winners a special prize — a Whirlpool washing machine with a unique design of the designer Jana Koteska. As a charitable note we will help the project 'Ana's little star' to donate additional five unique washing machines to families in financial distress. We also created a website to enable the competition. The responsive web design of the website enables a simple and uninterrupted participation also via smartphones and tablets. The sweepstake begins 1.4.2014 and ends 20.4.2014.

Website >>

Ready for action? Master Silvo sure is.
2. 4. 2014

In the cleaning season we prepared a spring advertising campaign for the company Xella Porobeton SI with master Silvo, the expert for construction and renovation as the main character. Master Silvo is searching for a home in need of renovation and donates construction material and consultation of the company Ytong in the amount of 1.000 €.

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A photoshooting that smells like a good night's sleep
1. 4. 2014

Our photo studio recently smelled of relaxation and sweet dreams. We hosted an ambient photoshooting of the new Aromatherapy collection for the company Studio Moderna. The collection consists of a pillow and a quilted cover with special pockets for herbal cushions, filled with dried lavender, lemon, jasmine or camomile, which provide a relaxing sleep.

Pantene at Fashion Week
26. 3. 2014

The sponsor for hair care of this year's Spring Fashion Week presents itself at the time of this esteemed fashion event with a sweepstake in stores throughout Slovenia. The integrated communication support of the campaign encompasses the design of the concept, preparation of POS terminals and the establishment of a web site in a responsive web design enabling optimum user experience also on smartphones and tablets.

Website >>

Experience the extraordinary – Vzajemna
24. 3. 2014

No student status? No panic! The insurance package Vzejemna Mladi takes care of safety and we take care of the adrenalin rush. We designed the concept, the graphic design and implemented the comprehensive communication campaign of the insurance package Vzajemna Mladi with the help of an attractive game. The prizes are really cool and there is enough good luck for all.

Feelin` lucky?

Gardening with Unichem
20. 3. 2014

The application (“make a garden”) helps planning planting crops on the principle of rotation for a rich annual harvest. It informs the user about incompatible and useful plants, suggests the type of fertilisation, irrigation method and helps fend off pests. The entire content is presented in an online catalogue. The application is supported by SiteKit - a system for content management with integrated CRM module. The responsive web design of the app enables hobby gardeners to access information about their garden via mobile phones and tablets.

The app was downloaded by more than 800 users, who created more than 500 gardens in the first week.

Make your garden >>

Spring Fashion Show in Europark
10. 3. 2014

Worldwide spring fashion trends entered the largest shopping centre in north-eastern Slovenia. In cooperation with Jana Koteska we designed the concept and implemented the Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2014. Famous Slovenian models from the world of fashion walked the catwalk of Europark, hosted by fashion expert Manja Plešnar.

Highlights of the fashion show >>

Documentary film “Ljubljanica connects”
9. 3. 2014

As a part of the environmental project »Ljubljanica connects« (Slo. Ljubljanica povezuje) and in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and the European programme LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity2010 we prepared a short documentary film about the future renewal of the Ljubljanica corridor and the improvement of the river water system. Our company arranged the directing, production and filming of the documentary.

Watch the movie >>

'Multi ideas' for the multinational corporation Frutarom
3. 3. 2014

Our company reaps success also in foreign markets, this time in Switzerland and China. We designed a logo of the new corporative brand of aromas and flavours HyPar for the Swiss company Frutarom, a member of the eponymous multinational group. We also prepared the basic promotional materials such as ads and flyers. The brainchild of the company was also the graphic design and the exhibition stand for the CIH fair in China.

Photoshooting in Lesnina Brdo
1. 3. 2014

The star of the photoshoot was the high-quality furniture of Lesnina, posing professionally and calmly for our photographer. The photoshoot of the furniture ambiences took place in the Lesnina Brdo store. The project encompassed the organisation of the photoshooting, production, postproduction and editing of photos.

Kia Cee'd in the spotlights of AV
28. 2. 2014

Kia Motors Adria Group d. d. presents a new photo of the seductive Kia Cee'd. It highlights the harmony of the car's silhouette and presents its magnificent beauty. The car photoshooting, performed in our photo studio in Velenje is one of the most challenging projects of studio photography.

Special offer from Vzajemna
27. 2. 2014

Premiums for supplementary health insurance are always a topical issue. The current special offer from Vzajemna promotes lower premiums; the key focus is on having the best offer in Slovenia. The promotion campaign comprises a TV telop, printed and radio ad and online advertising.

Website >>

Europark in a fashion blog
26. 2. 2014

The shopping centre of Maribor presents its shops and their offer through the eyes of a graduate interior designer, fashion enthusiast and blogger Jana Koteska. She describes her adventures and thoughts about topical themes in her weekly fresh and sparkling posts which are a pleasure to read. 

Europark blog >>

A new website of College of nursing in Celje
25. 2. 2014

The concept of corporate communication of the college comprises photos of students in the college environment, new brochure and information day poster as well as the design, form and reprograming of their website. The website in a responsive web design enables the current and future students the access to information and activities of the college in a simple way via their mobile phones and tablets. 

Website >>

Welcome to Ytong home fair
24. 2. 2014

The company Xella porobeton invited all those who plan to renovate or build their homes to their home fair. As a welcoming sign we included a doormat into the visual part of the fair design. The communication occurs via online ads, news in selected media, leaflets, Facebook page Ytong and via newsletter. 

Responsive Scandinavian design
4. 2. 2014

ASKO, a synonym for high-quality household appliances of Scandinavian design has a new website in a responsive design. It comprises a modular structure of the content presentation along with refined two-stage product navigation, a list of product data as a catalogue and an advanced search of local suppliers. The published Russian version will shortly be followed by an Australian and later on by 15 other language versions.

Website >>

TKK Srpenica has a fresh look
15. 1. 2014

The new webpage of the company with a 60-year tradition in building materials production enables a simplified search of numerous product groups, purpose of use and technical characteristics of the products on different multimedia devices. The webpage is designed with the SiteKit system and has an integrated CRM module.

Website >>

TV ad Septolete plus – the final punch in a fight against inflamed and sore throat
12. 1. 2014

The healing effect of lozenges Septolete plus, produced by a Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka d.d., was presented in a TV comercial by the Slovenian Ice Hockey Team. Due to excellent results the ice hockey team will participate in this year’s Olympic Games for the first time. To overcome pain means to win. The adaptation of the TV commercial included designing the concept, creative design and comprehensive production, which comprises production of animation, filming, video production and post-production.

Watch TV ad >>

Eles connects
10. 1. 2014

We designed the concept and created the design for the second issue of the internet magazine “Naše omrežje” (meaning “our network”) for the company Eles. The idea is connecting the employees and strengthening their belonging and the right ideas. The magazine issues twice a year.

New Impol web site
7. 1. 2014

Impol represents the world of aluminum, innovative solutions and a wide range of products on new websites, with new look and in responsive design. Websites are supported by costumized system for content management SiteKit.

Website >>

Best wishes in e-cards
4. 1. 2014

»Tomorrow belongs to those, who build the future with creativity, live their dreams and believe in what they do« was written in the e-card of the company Vzajemna at the beginning of the new year. Our company also designed greeting cards of the companies Plastika Skaza, Belinka Perkemija, Xella porobeton, Gorenje and Qlandia in a festive spirit. We wished crazy wishes to our business partners ourselves.

E-card Vzajemna >>

»Capture something good« in the coming year
4. 1. 2014

The company Plastika Skaza surprised its business partners with presents of kitchen utensils from the Cuisine Solo line. They added the utensils a spice and a tasty recipe for a successful year. Our company designed the concept and the design of the new year’s present’s collection with the slogan “Capture something good”, accompanied by a printed and an electronic greeting card.

Awarded photograph of Gorenje IQcook team
3. 1. 2014

The company Gorenje was awarded one of the best internal communication practices at FEIEA Grand Prix 2013 by the Federation of European business communicators associations. The runner-up in the category the best photograph in internal publication was a photograph of the Gorenje IQcook development team, presenting engineers, responsible for the development and production of an innovative induction hob. The photograph was taken in our studio by our long-time college Ivan Pisar.

The Destination Portal Portorož & Piran in Responsive Design
6. 12. 2013

More and more users tend to access websites via smartphones and tablets, which was the reason for the web portal update to responsive design – in July and August 2013 over a quarter of users started browsing its contents via mobile devices.

The website content is updated within the storytelling strategy, with new photos and functionalities for a user friendly experience. The entire content scope is managed in the e-catalogue, and the portal is connected to SiteKit, the content management system with integrated CRM module.

Website >>